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Hua Foundation, formerly known as Shenzhen Hua-club Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation, was officially renamed Shenzhen Hua Ecological Environmental Protection Foundation on October 23, 2018. Oct-Hua Foundation is a local non-public fund registered with Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau on January 7, 2013. It was recognized as a charity in 2017.

Hua Foundation advocate the concept of ecological civilization, promote ecological construction and environmental protection as its core value, actively cooperate with the government, enterprises and all sectors of society to build a platform for nature education systems, practice zero waste and advocate a sustainable way of life for the recycling of resources, and promote the latest environmental protection concepts at home and abroad. The exchange and sharing of technology and methods, the practice of social responsibility of citizens and enterprises, and the feedback of practical actions to the society are becoming a powerful promoter to establish the effective solution of environmental problems. Nature education, zero waste, ecological lecture halls, the Green Forums and community development have been well promoted.

As a funded foundation, Hua Foundation mainly supports and promotes the development of wetland ecological construction, environmental conservation projects, scientific research and technological development. Personnel training and academic exchanges in the field of ecological construction and environmental protection, as well as other environmental conservation and public welfare projects are also part of Hua Foundation’s supporting program.

By December 2018, the Hua Foundation had helped build 40 nature education centers in 21 provinces and cities across the country, trained more than 1000 nature education tutors, developed 24 nature education textbooks, and served 1917.5 hours of volunteers since 2017.

The zero waste project had converted more than 20 tons of organic waste into fertilizers and gradually replicate similar techniques to hotels, communities and schools. Since 2016, the Hua Foundation has regularly invited senior people and cross-border experts from the government, environmental conservation field and public welfare sectors as lecturers in the public ecological lecture hall. With 42 events and nearly 8000 participants. Since August this year, it has also been shared online live to environmental enthusiasts who weren’t able to attend the scene. The China Green Forum, with the themes of “Green economy”, “Nature Education,” “Zero Waste” and Education for Environment and Sustainable Development has been held for four sessions from China, the United States and Italy. Dali, the Netherlands, Colombia, Denmark, Singapore and more than 10 countries and regions with more 1200 guests and participants attended the scene, nearly 10,000 people online participated in the 2018 forum event. Since the fund’s establishment in 2013, more than 4 million people have benefited from project activities and supports from the Hua Foundation, making more people aware of the importance of green development and sustainable lifestyles. It plays an important role in promoting public participation in the process of building a beautiful China, won wide social recognition, and promotes the exchange and sharing of the latest environmental conservation concepts, technologies and methods at home and abroad.

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